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Created: Wednesday, 04 October 2017

Term 1 - 2018 Program

No matter what your tastes you're sure to find a class at CDCC to interest you. Fire up your imagination and unlock your creative potential with our wide range of Arts & Crafts Programs. If you are in need of a little relaxation or health and fitness in your life then why not unwind with one of our varied Lifestyle and Wellbeing-based classes.There is also a range of practical, community need-driven Pre-Accredited courses, including various Computer skills training classes, all subsidised by Learn Local/Adult Community & Further Education, which allows us to offer generous concession rates.




List of courses & activities previously ran at CDCC:

  • Chinese Brush Painting
  • Computer 1-3 (Pre-Accredited Courses)
  • Creative Drawing & Painting
  • Ipads For Business + Education
  • Job Reading Skills
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Child Care
  • Introduction to Age Care
  • Exploring Art
  • Family History Classes (Geneology)
  • General Computer Classes
  • Group Tutoring For Primary-Aged Children
  • Horsing Around On The Holidays
  • Image Media - Digital Photo (Pre-Accredited Course)
  • Leadbeater Lifters (Strength Training for Seniors)
  • Pastels, Oils & Acrylics
  • Patchwork/Craft/Knitting Group
  • Tai Chi For Arthritis
  • Walking Club - Bass Coast Strollers


Created: Wednesday, 12 July 2017

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