6th Annual Waterline Writing Competition Results

Created: Tuesday, 19 November 2013

List of Awards

Poetry will be divided into two categories: Ballads and Open with the prize money of $250 being shared between the winners of each category

BALLAD: Winner: “Bound for Bunyip” by Mal Function

Commended: “Scouting for Talent” by Mal Function and “My Hero” by Terry Norquay

OPEN POEM: Winner: “Joe Lynch, 1927” by John Egan

Highly Commended: “Predator” by David Campbell

Commended: “Clive James” by Ian Pascoe, “Refugee” by Billie-Jo Emmett, “Early Morning, Rhyll” by Ian Pascoe and “Married in Black” by John Egan

Encouragement Awards: “Babes in the War” by Meryl Tobin and “Un-Neighbourly” by Sue Cashin

Senior Short Story prize of $250 Winner: “Losing Hoodi-man” by Ian Pascoe

Special Commendation: “Somewhere in the crowd” by Jan Foster

Junior Short Story prize of $250 Winner: “A New Leg For Hannah” by Holly Buckley

Highly Commended: “Clocks Misery: Backstory” by Kiara Caile

Encouragement Awards: “Teacher Wanted” by Layla Williamson, “Journey of the Gorilla Suit” by Tori Sanderson and “The Special Wolf” by Caitlyn Fouche

Bass Coast Residents Short Story prize of $500 will be shared between 2 equal winners: “My Grandmother’s Coat” by Shirley Buckley and “Errant Hunter” by Kate McKittrick

Special Commendation: “Where’s Geoffrey?” by Shirley Buckley

Glen Miles Short Story Prize of $1,000 will be shared between 2 equal winners:

“Twenty seven ways to love your brother” by Vicki Daddo and “Champions” by Zena Shapter

Second:” The Meek Shall Inherit” by Kevin Martin

Third: “The More Things Change” by Jan Foster